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  • Crest

    Ditch the Dirt!

    This term students from the Ningbo party joined our extra curricular Crest group and took part in a 'Ditch the Dirt' STEM challenge. We investigated ways of cleaning dirty water as part of our project looking at the global issues around access to water resources. Students were given a challenge of designing a filtering system capable of filtering 100ml in 5 minutes. This project links to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Posted 13/07/2018 by Science

  • Physicist of the year award

    Aamina Sharif - Year 10

    On Thursday 28th June Aamina Sharif attended Nottingham University to collect her Y10 Ogden physicist of the year award. Each year the University ask each school in the area to nominate a Y10 pupil who we feel deserves this award. Aamina was nominated due to her hard work in the subject and the effort that she put in to understand difficult concepts. She will continue to probe and ask questions until she fully understands concepts and Mrs Douglas is very proud of her resilience and determination to succeed.

    During the evening Aamina got to see a range of experiments, talk to some current...

    Posted 13/07/2018 by Science - Read more

  • Silver medals!!!!

    Y7 rounders team finish 2nd out of the whole city!

    1. Aimee East (BACKSTOP)
    2. Ruby Neal (BOWLER)
    3. Olivia Williams (2ND BASE)
    4. Charlotte Elliott (2ND BACK-UP)
    5. Elley Evans-Lothian (DEEP FIELD)
    6. Emilia Jamson
    7. Bella Cushion
    8. Kaiyah Hayles
    9. Frances Elliott
    10. Naomi Thomas
    11. Faith Raymond

    Massive well done to the Outstanding Y7 Rounders Team who finished a very prestigious SECOND PLACE and received silver medals, in the Y7 Rounders City Schools Games!

    Posted 06/07/2018 by Physical Education

  • They just keep winning!

    Y7 rounders team win the round and qualify for the finals!

    Well done to the Y7 Rounders Team for winning their third and final match of the qualifying round, for the City Schools Rounders Tournament!

    There are still some lessons to be learned (particularly about using BARRIERS in the field!), but another excellent win from them!

    They beat Ellis Guilford 11 - 7 1/2!

    Posted 29/06/2018 by Physical Education

  • Sherwood Arts Week

    Our second annual big arts exhibition was a success!

    We had lots of people attending to see all the fantastic work that the pupils at Nottingham Free School have produced this year. The evening was a big success and we're very proud of all our budding artists.

    Posted 25/06/2018 by Art

  • Sherwood Arts Week

    Our Annual NFS Art Exhibition is today!

    Don't forget it's our annual art exhibition today, it starts at 3.45 and ends at 6pm. There will be art activities as well as refreshments and cakes. We look forward to seeing you there and showing you all of the wonderful work our talented pupils have created this year!

    Posted 22/06/2018 by Art

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