GCSE, A Level and further afield

All Humanities subjects are available at GCSE and will be available at A Level at The Nottingham Free School. As part of our core curriculum all pupils will take either GCSE Geography or History. As Philosophy and Ethics is a core subject for all 11-18 year olds, all pupils will have the opportunity to study short course in Philosophy and Ethics. Pupils will also be able to opt to take the full GCSE in Philosophy and Ethics if they wish.

A Levels in these subjects will prepare pupils well for a variety of university courses.

  Geography History Philosophy and Ethics
University Courses Geography, International Relations, Politics, Economics, PE History, Politics, Economics, Media, Teaching, Law, Criminology, Forensics, Business, Journalism. Theology, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Law, Criminology, Medicine, Nursing.
Careers Journalism, Politician, Tourism, Environmentalist, Weather forecaster/presenter, town planner, surveyor, Outdoor Pursuits, Survival Expert Business, Architects, Finance and banking, Teaching, Law, Politics, Police, Television, Armed forces, Research, Journalism, Doctor Teaching, law, Social work, Nursing, Doctor, Charity worker, Media, Politics, Social work

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