MathsWatch will be used to set homework and aid revision.

It is also a great tool to gain help and support using the tutorial videos they provide.

MathsWatch is accessed through a website - it is not an app on the iPads. Therefore it can be accessed on any computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone that has internet access.

The website is

If students Google mathswatch it will come up, however they must ensure they are not trying to go through another schools link on their website.

Students usernames are their first name and their surname followed by @nottinghamfreeschool

e.g. annasmith@nottinghamfreeschool and they must ensure they do not put a on the end like an email address. It does not matter if this is written using capital letters or not.

Their password is then either password123 or complex123 depending on when they joined the school or if they have had to have it reset, but just try both if you are unsure (this is assuming they have not changed it, they have been told not to). The password has no capitals in it.

All students have been asked to write their log in details in their planners for future use.

If all this fails then students need to ensure they have left enough time to go and see either their class teacher or Mrs Farnie before the homework is due in. All tasks are given a week for completion so there really is no excuse for not being able to find the time.

Alongside completing the online task students have a booklet they should complete. This should be completed in full and with care whilst they are completing the online task each week. Failure to complete this booklet will result in the homework being deemed incomplete.

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