The Music department is fully involved with the Enrichment lessons that take place at NFS. There is a musical option on both Mondays and Wednesdays every term. Enrichment allows pupils to develop key skills for future employment as well as create opportunities for pupils to try a new skill.

The Music department offers the following Enrichment activities.

Monday - Choir

We need you for our school choir! If you really enjoy singing and want to learn a variety of different genres, then this is the place for you! Be prepared to join in, perform and work as a team. You’ll need to learn the words of different songs and how to perform them to an audience. This is useful for developing musical talent, having fun and developing tools to retain information. Choir perform in school shows and also perform in a city wide concert at Christmas in the Royal Concert Hall.

Wednesday - School Band

This is a chance to play your instruments with others. You will learn to work as a team to perform musical pieces from different musical eras and genres. You do not have to have a particular grade but you do need to be able to play an instrument. Be prepared to play an instrument with others and perform in front of an audience. You will need to work hard to deliver a performance to a high standard on behalf of the school. This is useful for students who want to develop their musical performance skills, who want to pursue music GCSE or who may be considering a career in the music industry.

January 2020


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