For all students, homework is an important part of learning at Nottingham Free School.

Nottingham Free School believes that homework is important in:

  • Reinforcing, broadening and extending the school curriculum
  • enabling students to understand that independent learning is vital to
  • achieving success and highly desired by employers and further education
  • instilling the importance of life-long learning
  • encouraging organisational skills and self-discipline

Homework is set for a variety of reasons, which are:

  • to encourage and develop self-discipline, planning and time management skills
  • to encourage and develop independent study habits
  • to give students a sense of responsibility for, and a commitment to their learning
  • to allow reinforcing, extending and consolidating of work done in lessons
  • to involve parents/carers as partners in education
  • to develop revision skills and efficient preparation for assessments

Please see our homework policy for more details including the type of tasks set for homework and the roles of staff, students and parents in the setting and completing of homework tasks.

All subjects set homework on a regular basis and this will vary from between one and two pieces a week for core subjects to one piece a fortnight for subjects with fewer lessons each week. Students should expect to spend between twenty and thirty minutes on each piece of homework and will have pieces to complete every night. Our supervised study support sessions are used to complete homework and enable students learn how to prioritise tasks and organise their time on homework. In order to help organise their time students can use the relevant homework timetable as they will still have tasks to complete outside of the study support sessions. The schedule shows when each subject will set each piece of homework.

Each homework task should be written in their student planner and will also be recorded on Insight, our web-based portal for students and parents. You can follow the link or bookmark the following: https://insight.nottinghamfreeschool.co.uk

If you need a new copy of your login details please contact school reception using the details on the contact page.

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