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At Nottingham Free School we have two assessment weeks during the school year. These help us to track and monitor progress effectively and enable students to learn vital revision skills.

The next set of Year 9 assessments are due to take place on the week commencing Tuesday 8th May 2018. There has been a slight amendment to the previously published exam timetable. Please see revision resources below.

Year 9 exam timetable

Year 9 revision guide

These assessments are important and students should prepare appropriately by revising for every subject.

As part of the preparation for assessments every student receives a session on planning their revision time. During this they receive key revision information and help planning their revision timetable.

It is important to note that students will have time in lessons during the school day, their study support sessions and their usual homework time for revision. Their revision time should not greatly exceed the expected amount of time spent on homework in a normal week.

All students should ensure that:

  • They plan and follow a revision timetable.
  • They revise for each subject over the course of a week and spend some time every day revising. Little and often is the most effective technique.
  • They know when and where their assessments will take place.
  • They are on time for school and have the right equipment (pen, pencil, calculator, ruler, highlighter, pens etc. in a clear pencil case or bag)
  • They speak to their teachers, well in advance of the assessment, to clarify anything they are unsure about or if they are feeling anxious.
  • They understand the need for the highest standards of behaviour during the assessments. Poor behaviour will not be accepted and appropriate sanctions will be given if necessary.

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