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Welcome to the Nottingham Free School Art Department!

Year 7

In Year 7, students focus on portraiture, colour and 3D masks.

In the first term pupils focus on portraiture and how to change a facial expression to create an emotion; they also learn to link in a colour to emphasise the mood that they are trying to evoke.

The second project is all about colour; students learn about the colour wheel and how to mix colours (a fundamental skill) as well as looking at a variety of artists who use bright colours in their work.

The last project utilises all skills developed over the year as they focus on how to make 2D designs become 3D. They will make their own carnival masks inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival but also with influences from Chinese, African and Venetian cultures.

Year 8

In Year 8 pupils develop their drawing skills through both experimental and realistic drawings. They learn a variety of techniques such as mono printing, painting, drawing, silk painting, polytile printing, collage and layered pieces. They expand their knowledge of a variety of drawing materials also such as chalk and charcoal, pen and water and oil pastels.

Year 8 projects also allow for a variety of exploration with the first project ‘Who We Are’, followed by ‘Pattern and Print’ and ‘Art in the Community’ to finish the year.

Year 9 GCSE

Pupils learn to develop their skills through a project based on natural form and decay. Pupils develop their drawing skills throughout the year and expand their knowledge of a wide range of other techniques and materials, as well as the work of artists.

Techniques covered include drawing, painting, printing, mixed media, photography, photo manipulation-both digital and manual, along with some textiles and 3D work. Pupils will learn how to analyse artists’ work and evaluate and critique their own work and the work of their peers. They will learn how to develop and refine their work independently and create final pieces showing their skills.

Year 10 GCSE

Pupils develop their drawing skills further through portraiture and exploring the human face in their project 'All about me'. They revisit facial proportions but are able to implement them in a more advanced way than when they first learned in year 7. They learn how to apply tone and contrast to the face as well as applying detail. Pupils will also explore a variety of artists to respond to and continue to develop their use of techniques and materials. Year 10 continue to develop their photography skills to capture different portraits and facial expressions. At the end of year 10 pupils choose their best work to put together in their final coursework portfolio.

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