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Mathematics department curriculum intent

The mathematics department builds well-rounded learners who are fluent in their use and application of mathematics; who can reason, problem solve and communicate their thinking and solutions clearly and accurately.

To facilitate this we have developed an ambitious and sophisticated scheme of learning to help students progress through their 5 (or 7) years of learning. The scheme ensures that at every level, students are fully confident with the building blocks that are needed for subsequent learning. Key skills that underpin each topic are interleaved into every unit of work to ensure rapid progress.

Topics are inter-weaved to support students in making links between different areas of mathematics. This mirrors how mathematics would be applied in real life situations, both in their personal-life and as an employee.

Our curriculum has an expectation that all students practise and recall prior knowledge to help consolidate expected formulae, facts and known methods. These will then be seamlessly used within multi-step and real- life problems.

We realise that mathematics is essential for all students in their future life and career, whatever that may be. Our curriculum planning aims for every student to gain the mathematical qualifications they need for the future and we provide extra support where needed. Students are therefore entered for the tier which enables them to achieve the highest grade possible.

The curriculum helps students to appreciate why and how maths will contribute to their lives and society. We aim for them to have a deep understanding of the importance and relevance of mathematics and to enjoy the mathematics itself.

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