Welcome to the Maths Department

The maths department at Nottingham Free School are excited by the recent developments in the curriculum. As a team we believe students deserve the chance to understand the maths they will meet in everyday life. The new National Curriculum in Mathematics encourages students to apply the skills they learn to everyday situations.

During their 5 years with the maths department students will be given opportunity to learn through a variety of different methods including teacher and student led discussion, group work, use of ICT, textbook practice and project work. The aim is to make mathematics as accessible and enjoyable as possible for all our students through the use of a variety of teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles.

In all year groups students are grouped for lessons based on ability. In year 7 this is based on achievement at KS2 and internal baseline tests, after year 7 this will be based on their internal assessments.

As a department we have extremely high expectations of all our students and endeavour to provide the support required to ensure their success. This success can lead onto pupils taking maths beyond the compulsory GCSE and onto A Level and degree level. By achieving high grades within maths students have the opportunities to go on and become the next generation of teachers, accountants, statisticians, bankers, engineers, actuaries, researchers into issues such as energy and climate change and much more.

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