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Signposting - careers opportunities for 2018

1. ​AirlinePilotTraining 2018 (kuraviation)

"We are hosting a careers event for aspiring pilots at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School on Saturday 3rd February 2018 between 10:00 and 15:00. This is an ideal opportunity for students (and their families) to find out more about the airline industry; how to train as an airline pilot and the long term and varied career opportunities a role in commercial aviation offers.

This is a free entry event so there is no cost involved, all we ask is that those who wish to attend pre-register so that we have an idea of the numbers attending.

APT 2018 is an opportunity for your students to talk to current airline pilots, who are at varying stages of their careers, and hear what it is like to do the job for a living. The pilots supporting the event fly for airlines from across Europe; they are there to share their own personal experiences as well as provide information and answer questions. There is no better way to get a realistic insight into the day to day role.

An invitation is attached. For more information please visit: "

2. Work experience for careers in healthcare

3. Apprenticeship placement guide

4. Podcasts in school - made by a variety of large UK and international companies offering apprenticeships.

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