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As some will know, it was the Regional Final of the Great Big Dance-Off, last night. After a lot of shouting, whinging and frantic last minute choreography, the girls managed to bring it all together in time to smash-out an amazing performance!

There were 16 KS3 entries from the East Midlands, with the top 3 progressing to Nationals...and WE DID IT! We came joint 2nd place out of the whole region!

They really did work so hard in these last couple of days to bring it all together and they endured a considerable amount of earache in the process!

I'm so proud of you all!

Adara Gonzalez-Pillay

Elleese Bradshaw

Olivia Williams

Daisy Wright

Jenna Ghattaora

Molly Luca

Holly Sullivan

Frances Elliott

Kaiyah Hayles

Laaibah Amjad

Darcey Coates-Gill

Rosa Leach

Grace Brotherton

Elsie Elliott

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